The Mission of Bandama is to add value to the Canarian economy, through the development of quality products, the creation of employment, ensuring the welfare of its employees, collaborators, suppliers, customers in general and the Canary Islands in particular, generating wealth and added value to their environment.

Our Vision for medium-term future is to be a quality-based company focused on its customers. Respectful of the environment and its surroundings.


Bandama was founded in the year 1958 and since then it has worked in the production, storage, commercialization and distribution of biscuits. Thanks to its long development, it stands out as a reference company in the Canary Islands (Spain).

At the beginning, Bandama was established as a family company that only produced 50.000 kg of handmade biscuits per year, using very elementary machines and ovens. At present, although it still keeps a traditional recipe, it counts with a 4,000 m² factory and five production lines. Its wide range of biscuits is well known for its mild taste.

Among others, we can highlight our delicious pink biscuits, ambrosías and the toasted biscuits with cream, the classic Galletón, the delightful "Mini Cleos coco, manzana o naranja", the healthy whole wheat Tostada, the tasty Chipito, and more than 20 different varieties with a great flavour and quality what both old and young people can delight.

Bandama pursues to meet the last demands of the market and offers products without animal grease, lactose or gluten. Moreover, Bandama bets on a sustainable economy and even performed an important investment in a photovoltaic plant at the end of 2008. Therefore, despite of our emissions of CO2 , we also produce clean energy. Thanks to this Bandama received a prestigious award due to the XVI awards Environment World Day in Arucas. Thus, we keep working hardly in order to offer the best and most sustainable product, through our ecological packing, we try to make delicious biscuits that not only are nutritive for the kids, but also, at the same time, look after the future of next generations.