Quality Policy

Quality Policy

BANDAMA S.A. is dedicated to the activity of DESIGN, MANUFACTURE, DISTRIBUTION and SALE OF COOKIES and DERIVATIVES. It recognizes within the strategy of the company, Quality Management as a pillar in its commitment to continuous improvement, as well as the achievement of its main objective: "The full satisfaction of the client", exceeding their expectations regarding the quality of their services and products. By means of its Quality System, it wants to demonstrate to customers its concern and commitment to quality, as well as to achieve a future guarantee that only competitive organizations in the market can offer. As a result of this commitment, it has implemented at all levels of the organization a Quality Management System based on the UNE-EN ISO 9001: 2015 standard, with which it is committed to comply with the legal requirements that apply to it. With the continuous improvement of the Quality Management System. The management ensures that this Quality Policy is: understood, implemented and maintained up to date at all levels of the Organization. In order to be able to apply it, it defines the following General Objectives:

Knowing the totality of the company's resources, as well as its capacities, allowing work planning and interdepartmental coordination of the company and thereby achieve increased customer satisfaction.

Know the stakeholders of the organization so that their requirements are known and comply with them

Identify the risks inherent in the organization in order to implement the necessary preventive and corrective measures to minimize them. As well as the determination of opportunities and implementation of improvement actions to address them.

Manage the correct execution of the works, performing them well at the first, to avoid unnecessary expenses in modifications and claims of clients. Our staff is the main asset of the company. We believe that training, motivation and information must be permanent and can be improved day by day.

Responsibility, efficiency, company awareness, sense of belonging, union and loyalty, are the values we must care for and enhance among our staff. In order to carry out the policy and achieve the objective, the unconditional support of all the personnel of the manifested company is absolutely necessary through a firm and constant commitment to Quality.

In Arucas, on May 27, 2019

Mr. Emilio Molina Jiménez (Manager)